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How exactly does the browser render a web-page? What every front-end developer needs to know.

Reedy is a tool that allows you to increase the speed of reading by 3-5 times. And it's a very solid one.

I find no more satisfaction in pushing Netzke forward

I got to the final round of EuRuKo speaker selection, and now would appreciate you taking the last little action to help me get selected

Why I'm submitting a CFP to EuRuKo this year, and why I need your help.

Here I'll quickly explain how you can modify the behavior of each and every Netzke component at the client side.

Specs for Netzke Core have been rewritten to make use of Mocha and CoffeeScript. Here I'll briefly show what I did, so you could consider this setup for testing your own Ext JS + Rails applications.

On the continuation of the popular tutorial teaching you how to set up a CRUD web app in 7 minutes, I'll show you how easy it is to nest existing Netzke components in a tab panel.

I spoke at RubyConf Taiwan this year, and, besides other nice folks, met the Japanese team that works on Ruby.

Build a Ruby on Rails and Sencha Ext JS task manager web application in no time.