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ExtJS and Rails With Netzke. Custom Widget Actions.
October 5, 2009

ExtJS and Rails With Netzke. Custom Widget Actions.Today I'm posting a light-weight tutorial, which will show how to extend a Netzke component in order to add a custom Ext.Action into it, and then bind that to a new button in a toolbar, as well as to a new context menu item. Then you'll see how we can conditionally disable this action for more consistent end-user's experience. If Ext JS actions are still something new to you, you'll find this tutorial especially useful, as I'll provide a brief introduction unto them. Otherwise you'll see how easy it is to use Ext.Action with Netzke. As usual, there's an online demo of this tutorial's results, and the source code is on GitHub.

I'm in the process of moving the tutorials on this blog over to the Netzke wiki on GitHub. Please, help me keep the material up-to-date by directly editing the wiki.

Continue reading the tutorial.

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