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At RubyConf Taiwan
December 8, 2012

My talk went smoothly. For the first time I didn't use Keynote, made my presentation with showoff (you might need to use someone's fork though) - and thus, didn't have a usual opportunity to see presenter notes during the talk. Nor did I miss them. For the first time I felt very confident about my talk - also thanks to the feedback I got from @hasclass just the night before. I published the slides on Heroku - you may want to page through them, they are pretty self-explanatory. As soon as I have access to the video, I'll post an update.

After the talk I came up to Matz (the creator of Ruby) and asked for his opinion. He started with his usual "Well, I'm not a web guy", and then continued: "But I like your concept. If I had to built a webapp like that, I would use your framework". A bit later, showing him the exact text, I asked him for a permission to quote him on netzke.org, and he said "sure". I don't have to tell how excited I am about this. Other guys from the Ruby team seemed also quite impressed, and recommended me to submit a proposal to the rubykaigi in May, with Matz saying "we need this kind of talks at RubyKaigi". Sure enough, I'll give it a try.

But for now, back to work on Netzke v0.8 - it's almost there!

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