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Call for support: Netzke at EuRuKo this year?
April 5, 2013

For the past weeks, I started receiving more high-quality pull requests for Netzke, so, I realised once more how important it is to grow a skilful community around the project - everyone of us who uses Netzke to build products would eventually benefit from it.

Speaking at conferences is one of the things I'm doing to tell people about Netzke, and I'm trying constantly to raise the bar of the conference level. In case you don't know yet, in May, encouraged by Matz (the author of Ruby) and his team, I'm speaking at RubyKaigi in Tokyo, which I consider a big step forward.

This time I thought, with a little help from you, I might get a chance to speak at EuRuKo.

I want to kindly ask you to spend 1 minute to sign in with your GitHub/Twitter/Google account (one click) and vote up for my proposal. And if you feel you have 5 minutes more, than a comment bellow my proposal would be even more helpful: you might want to ask me to change something in the proposal, or rephrase something, or you can just express your interest in the topic (but, please, back it up with some reasonable argument, as "It's cool, I would like to see it!" would not be enough).

I will also appreciate a personal feedback (below in the comments or at nmcoder @ gmail dot com), even be it simply editorial (I have the right to update the proposal at any time).

Thanks in advance! Together we could pretty much make it.

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