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Netzke received an update: Rails 4.2 and Ext JS 5.1
March 18, 2015

Almost a year ago I announced that I'm stopping with Netzke. A few months later I was approached by someone from PennyMac Loan Services, which appeared to be a $346M company from the States, and they told me that they had a pretty massive app written with Netzke, and that they would like to contract me to help with further development. I honestly reminded them that Netzke was abandonware and suggested they look into other tools to build their app with. What I heard back was that they liked both Ext JS and Rails and would have to come up with something like Netzke anyway. A few emails later, we agreed that we'll start with a paid upgrade of Netzke to latest Rails and Ext JS.

And here it is.

Today I released Netzke v0.12 with support for Ext JS 5 and Rails 4.2 (for latest Rails and Ext JS 4.2 check out v0.11 released a few weeks before).

Along with that, I updated (and moved away from Heroku) the official demo and Yanit.

It feels good to be paid for open source. The next right thing would be the move toward v1.0, and I have the check list ready. Let's see how it comes out.

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