Hello true gamblers, on this occasion the admin would like to help explain how to easily win playing Blackjack. Casino Black Jack game is a game that is classified as very easy to understand and play, because it doesn’t require many cards to win it and the number of players is also more than other gambling. Before the admin explains how to win easily in this game, it is better if the admin first explains how to play and the existing rules.

1. The values ​​of playing cards in the game of Blackjack

  • 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9: These values ​​are the same as the face value printed on the card.
  • Jack – Queen – King: The three picture cards have a value of 10 in this game.
  • AS: The deciding card in Blackjack, this card can be a small value of 2 and it can also be a large value of 11.

2. How to play and the Rules of Blackjack
The way to play Blackjack is very easy, you only need to add up the cards that have been distributed by the dealer, to win in this game you have to get a value of 21 after being added or greater than the nominal amount of the dealer, no more than 21, if more then you- you lose the game. At the beginning of the game, the dealer will distribute 2 cards to the players and 2 cards to the dealer (1 open card and 1 face card), players can immediately see the nominal cards that have been dealt, as well as the dealer card nominal. If you get an ace card and a card that has a nominal value of 10, you immediately get Blackjack, you will automatically win immediately. If the nominal does not reach 21, you can ask for HIT or when it is close to nominal 21 you can STAND or some other possibilities, here the admin explains some terms in the Blackjack game.

  • HIT : If the nominal card given has not reached 21, then you can add a card with HIT, not more than 21, bro.
  • STAND : When the card face is close to 21 and you don’t want to add another card.
  • SPLIT : If a player gets 2 of the same cards and wants to break 2 pairs of bets and double the bet, then your card will be broken into 2 and have an opportunity to HIT on the two cards that are the SPLIT bettor.
  • Double Down : This option applies if the bettor wants to double the bet, but the bettor is only given the opportunity by the dealer to take 1 additional card, it takes courage and confidence for this choice.
  • Insurance : If the open bookie card is the US, then the bettor may think about buying insurance, which is half the money the bettor has bet on. Bettors are allowed to buy insurance if the bettor suspects that the closed bookie card is worth 10. If the dealer gets Blackjack, the insurance will be paid in half.

3. To Get Victory

  • Patience : In this Blackjack game, your level of patience is very tested, don’t be too desperate to add cards if you get a nominal amount of 17, because if you take another card it will exceed the nominal 21, it means you will immediately lose. Don’t be rushed in playing. Considering how you increase or decrease your stake depending on whether you win or lose the game round is another important tip for you. Another tip you need is to target enough wins, because being too greedy and thinking you can win more is one of the reasons why many players often lose.
  • Seeing the odds : The best chance you can get when the dealer card that comes out first is small, chances are that the dealer will continue to take the card so that it is busted (nominal more than 21) and you will automatically win.

That’s a few that the admin can share with real gamblers so they can easily win playing Blackjack, hopefully by reading it you get input and enlightenment.