Poker games are a very popular type of card betting bet. Actually there are more than 100 types of poker games, but there are only a few games that are often played in online poker games, for example, such as texas holdem poker, ceme, domino QQ, capsa susun, even though there are many other types of games. This online poker game itself is very popular with people in Indonesia

The more sophisticated technological advances in Indonesia, online poker games are now very easy to play in Indonesia. You just have to register as a member at one of the online poker sites and make a deposit which will become your playing capital. The interest of the players in this game is also very big, but there are also bad players who cheat to get victory. The cheating in question is that they use an online robot or commonly called a bot system.

The following are the consequences you will feel if you use fraudulent methods to play online poker:

  1. Is removed from the betting table

One of the consequences that you will get if there are other players who find out that you are using cheating methods is that you will be kicked out of the game. Long-time online poker players will usually find it easy to know how to play the bot system, so they will be very easy to find out if you are cheating in the game.

  1. Fall victorious

The second risk if you use cheating methods in online poker games is that you will be deemed to have lost your win. If you have been removed from the game then you will not win. Especially if the online poker site already finds out that you are playing cheating, the bet money you have placed is considered forfeited because you have deceived other players and dealers as well.

  1. The account will be blocked

The third risk if you cheat in online poker games is that you will not be able to log back in to the site because your account has been blocked and you also cannot register with the same account number again. So, it’s best if you play online poker, don’t do anything cheating.

  1. It is difficult to register on an online poker site

If you have been caught cheating on an online poker game, usually you will find it difficult to register again at another poker site because your name will be included in the black list of players who have cheated.

Those are some of the consequences you will feel if you cheat in playing online poker. Our advice is that you as a player must understand how to play online poker if you want to win. Getting a win because of your own efforts is better than winning by cheating, right?