Before getting into the topic of discussing the tricks of playing online casino roulette, the admin will give a little description about the game of roulette. Roulette is a game that uses wheels and on the live Roulette table, numbers starting from 0 to 36 and a small ball as a medium for starting the game are given.

The wheel will spin and the player is only tasked with making predictions of Roulette where the small ball thrown by the dealer will stop at which number / color. There are 2 types of online live casino Roulette that we know, the first is European Roulette and the second is American Roulette The difference between these two types of Roulette is that European Roulette has numbers starting from the numbers 0 to 36.

American Roulette totals 38 numbers, namely 00 and 0 to 36. For live Roulette that we usually find on Trusted online casino gambling sites is European Roulette, because indeed more players are choosing European Roulette to play.

Tricks to play online casino roulette part 1

  • Using the Martingale Strategy

This Martingale is a method or principle of betting with a multiplying system. When using the martingale strategy to play online casino Roulette, it requires a large amount of capital. Of course, in getting a big win, it is necessary to spend a lot of capital too. For example, you place the numbers 1-18 and the red color, you can install from 10 thousand, 20 thousand, 40 thousand, 80 thousand and so on until you get a win. Now if you have won, then you need to go back to the beginning, starting from IDR 10 thousand again. Repeat this trick up to 3x wins for the safety of your capital.

  • Bet on the same number behind

This trick is no different from the martiangle trick above, the difference is that you only need to follow the installation on the number that is behind it or the tail is the same as the last number that came out. For example, the output number 13, you can follow by installing numbers 3, 13, 23 and 33. Continue to follow this pattern for up to 5 rounds, admin guarantees my boss topcer !!

  • Follow the Dealer Flow

For this one trick it can be said that it is easy – easy, difficult, because sometimes there are dealers who output random online casino roulette numbers. If you are in hockey, you get a dealer who provides a good flow, then you should follow the flow of the dealer. For example, the dealer always issues a half circle, black in succession of at least 3 black colors or vice versa, the ball runs to the bottom of the line or the ball always drops near 0.